Grant Funds from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Makes Specialized Counseling Services Available at the Free Clinic

Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, individuals who have been subjected to or witnessed traumatizing violence can seek counseling services at The Free Clinic to ease the debilitating effects of these experiences. This Victims of Crime grant enables the health center’s behavioral health team to treat more people who may be suffering as a result of physical or emotional abuse, witnessing a violent attack or murder, rape and more. Director of Behavioral Health Services, G. Buddy Bailey, said that people who have been through traumatic episodes often experience lingering problems that they may or may not realize are directly related to those events. Sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, turning to drugs or alcohol – all of these can be symptoms of the impact of trauma, he said. “We are prepared to help anyone and everyone,” said Dr. Bailey, “and the grant dollars enable us to make treatment services available to individuals regardless of whether or not they have insurance or financial resources.”

To help spread awareness of these expanded services, an ad campaign will show up on billboards, buses and television. The main message is “Trauma takes a toll. The Free Clinic can help.” Dr. Bailey said there is a line in the television commercial, “You don’t have to suffer alone.” “That’s the real message here,” he said. “We want people to call us to talk about what we can do to help them; we’ve even opened a special phone line for this purpose: (216)707-3406.”

“Emotional health is a very important quality of life issue,” said Dr. Bailey. “We can get people into counseling almost immediately to start finding peace of mind.”