Trauma Takes a Toll. We Can Help.

Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Circle Health Services therapists and counselors are even better prepared to assist individuals in working through the emotional pain of being a victim of or witness to a crime. The Victims of Crime (VOC) grant makes possible enhanced training for Circle Health Services’ mental health professionals to better serve individuals suffering as a result of traumatic events such as:

  • Sexual abuse (incest)
  • Physical abuse
  • Bullying
  • Rape
  • Murdered family member/friend
  • Stalking
  • Witness to parental violence
  • Living with alcoholic or addicted parents
  • Other trauma

The grant also provides funds to cover the cost of these specialized counseling sessions for patients lacking insurance and financial resources. According to Behavioral Health Director Buddy Bailey, the aftershocks of traumatic events can have an emotionally crippling effect on individuals for years or even a lifetime. “We are excited about this new avenue for reaching more people in need of therapeutic services,” said Bailey. “There is no reason that people should simply try to cope on their own and keep suffering. We can help. We can do a great deal to help ease that pain so that people can lead happier, more productive lives.”

A special phone line has been established for the VOC program. To find out more about the services available, or to make an appointment, please call (216) 707-3406.