Career Opportunities

Now hiring heart.

Our ideal candidate? Someone who is as compassionate as they are qualified.

With a growing number of locations throughout Northeast Ohio, including our recent affiliation with Circle Health Services (formally the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland), we’re bringing our integrated health care approach, 5-star early learning programs, and workforce training to more individuals, families, and children – especially those who are underserved.

So if you’re interested in putting the “care” in “career,” see our opportunities.


Contract Services

Are you looking for interesting and challenging part-time work?  More concerned men and women are needed to be Patient Instructors and participate in a teaching program for medical and other health professions’ students at Circle Health Services.  These students learn to perform examinations of the male and female reproductive systems.  Patient Instructors receive the examination (acting as the patient), instructing and giving the students feedback on their technique and interpersonal style (acting as the instructor) at the same time.  Circle Health Services’ teaching program focuses on basic skills and mechanics and how the practitioner affects the patient’s experience of these exams.  Highly skilled Patient Instructors are paid per hour as independent contractors. Training and preparation are included and individualized.

The Patient Instruction Program operates year-round.  Patient Instructors work as needed per week; sessions are scheduled on weekday evenings.  This teaching (and learning) program has been in operation for over 30 years and is affiliated with many area institutions.

For more information, contact program coordinator Stephanie Berger at  Be sure to leave your phone number or an email address where you can be reached.

Did you know...?

Circle Health Services leverages 52 staff members and over 600 volunteers annually to further its mission.