Current Volunteers

Thank you for helping us further the mission of Circle Health Services through service.  As you know, volunteers help us ensure that we keep our doors open to serve thousands of individuals who might otherwise go without care.  Below you will find useful information and documents for your service with us:

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Did a volunteer or staff member do something extraordinary? Did they offer you the extra help you needed with a patient or task? Did you witness someone else doing an exceptional job? Now is your chance to recognize them. Inform the volunteer office by giving us the details below. Your special someone may be recognized in an upcoming newsletter, with a thank you note, nominated for an upcoming award, or through myriad means.

Did you know...?

Last year, Circle Health Services volunteers contributed over 36,000 hours of service, which is valued at over $1.25M dollars.

Our Impact

“I initially found myself at Circle Health Services as a way to experience direct patient interaction. However, the fulfillment I have received from thankful patients, as well as the appreciation and respect I have been shown by individuals I work with, has intensified my desire to return often. Circle Health Services allows students and health care providers the unique opportunity to become immersed in the medical sector that provides care for individuals without insurance. Consequently, I have been given more freedom to interact with patients than I would have at another medical institution. My time there has been incomparably gratifying and educational.”

-HIV Intervention Specialist Volunteer