FAQs about the Trauma Recovery Center

Services for Survivors and Witnesses of Violence | Cleveland, Ohio | Circle Health ServicesQ. What is the Trauma Recovery Center?

A. The Trauma Recovery Center is a new resource offering free, confidential help to individuals who have been impacted by violence. We are part of Circle Health Services.

Q. What is Circle Health Services?

A. Circle Health Services, formerly called the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland, is a nonprofit community health center located at University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio that provides high-quality health care and related services to individuals and families regardless of their ability to pay.

Q. What services does the Trauma Recovery Center provide?

A. We provide crisis support services, such as safe temporary housing, food, clothing, and emotional support.  We also can connect people to ongoing services to rebuild their lives.

Q. Can anyone use your services?

A. Our services are for adults and teens aged 16 or older. We primarily serve communities on the East Side of Cleveland.

Q. How much do services cost?

A. Services provided by the Trauma Recovery Center are free. We are funded by a grant from the Ohio Attorney General.

Q. Does someone need health insurance to use the Trauma Recovery Center?

A. No. Health insurance is not required to use the Trauma Recovery Center services.

Q. Where does someone go to get services?

A. When someone calls us for help, we will come to them, wherever they are.

Q. Where is the Trauma Recovery Center located?

A. For the privacy and security of those we serve, the location of our facility is confidential. Participants have the option to receive services at the Trauma Recovery Center or Circle Health Services. Circle Health Services is conveniently at 12201 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44106.

Q. If someone was assaulted a long time ago, can they still use the Trauma Recovery Center?

A. Yes. Our services are available to participants no matter how long ago they were impacted by violence.

Q. If someone calls the Trauma Recovery Center, will they have to file a police report?

A. No. Participants do not have to report an incident to the police or file criminal charges to access our services and we do not contact the police on participants’ behalf. Our interactions with participants are confidential.

Q. How does someone contact the Trauma Recovery Center?

A. Call (216) 644-5847, any time of day or night, 365 days a year.


Have more questions?  Call us at (216) 644-5847


Supported by grant number 72450991 awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Victims of federal crimes will be served.